Organic Coffee in San Diego

At Intazza Coffee, we pride ourselves on providing a large number of coffee products to our San Diego customers. If you’re searching for a broad range of coffee items that are available to consumers and wholesale clients, we’re here to help. Let’s explore all our coffee products, as well as some interesting facts about our organic coffee sources and standards!

Our Coffee Products at Intazza Coffee in San Diego

Let’s explore some of the coffee primary products we provide to our customers at Intazza Coffee in San Diego:

• Dark Roast: Our Organic Dark Roast is a rich Peruvian coffee that’s perfect for visitors that want a strong cup.

• Noble Savage: With hints of citrus, cocoa, and more, this Ethiopian and Peruvian blend is an excellent medium blend option.

• Ethiopia Guji: Our organic, single-origin Ethiopian coffee is the Ethiopia Guji. This light roast benefits from berry-like flavors that are sure to please any coffee enthusiast.

• Peru Cajamarca: Another organic medium roast at Intazza Coffee hails from Peru. Our beans in this coffee are farmed from the Andes Mountains. They provide sweet, creamy flavors to those who enjoy it.

• Inspirato Espresso: If espresso is your calling, our Inspirato Espresso is our organic, rich, and chocolaty product that’s sure to overwhelm your senses. It’s a blend of coffee beans from Sumatra, Peru, and Ethiopia.

• Sumatra: If you’re searching for syrupy, earthy coffee from Sumatra, this organic medium roast is an excellent option.

• Airplane Mode: If you’re searching for an organic, chemical-free decaf coffee that provides a bold flavor, our Airplane Mode decaf coffee is one of your best options.

• House Blend: We sell our fresh house blend both in-store and online. You can purchase these coffee beans in bulk.

• Elevations: For fans of dark, rich coffee, our elevations coffee brand is just what you’re searching for. This is a Latin American coffee blend that involves bittersweet chocolate and maple flavors.

• Gold Cup: This is a South American coffee that’s perfect for coffee lovers that enjoy smooth, rich drinks. It’s hard to go wrong with our gold cup if you enjoy a bold coffee.

• Midnight Decaf: It can be hard to find a decaf coffee that benefits from the same natural coffee flavors as full-strength beans. Fortunately, our team at Intazza Coffee has an excellent decaf option that comes packed with rich flavors.

Our Other Products Available in San Diego

While the above list covers our primary coffee products at Intazza Coffee in San Diego, we also provide a host of other items in our cafes and online. You can purchase a range of iced teas, nitro cold brews, cappuccino powders, branded coffee mugs, branded coffee cups, and more!

If you visit our San Diego coffee store, you’ll also find our food menu. It includes flatbread pizzas, avocado toast dishes, and much more!

San Diego Honest Trade Coffee

At Intazza Coffee in San Diego, we provide premium rates to our coffee bean suppliers. Unlike many other coffee companies in the United States, we’re against using predatory trading practices to obtain coffee beans from farmers around the world.

We believe that coffee bean farmers should have the ability to invest in their lives and their businesses. By engaging in Honest Trade via our San Diego coffee shop, we help our coffee bean suppliers live more fruitful lives.

USDA Organic Coffee in San Diego

At Intazza Coffee in San Diego, we’re proud to be a provider of USDA Organic coffee. We’re here to provide safe, healthy coffee products to our customers and wholesale clients. We enjoy sourcing USDA Organic coffee from top coffee bean farmers around the world.

We’re firmly committed to avoiding chemicals and other problematic components in our coffee bean production. Feel free to contact us today if you’d like to learn more about our USDA Organic coffee.

San Diego Wholesale Coffee Supplier

While we’re famous for providing our coffee products directly to consumers, we also operate an extensive wholesale operation that benefits local San Diego restaurants and businesses. If you’re searching for a coffee that’s much better than standard options available to most commercial entities, then our Intazza Coffee products are an excellent solution.

We can handle wholesale coffee orders of any size in San Diego. We’re committed to providing timely and cost-effective solutions to all clients.

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One of the best parts about visiting us in person is learning about our various coffee options. We’re always happy to answer questions – and help you explore our food and coffee menu.

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