San Diego Coffee Café

If you’re searching for a San Diego café with passionate coffee roasters and excellent ambiance, there’s no better option than Intazza Coffee. Whether you’re searching for nitro cold brew or espresso, we have it all. Our coffee experts are passionate about bringing the world’s most exciting coffees to San Diego.

While we’re happy to supply coffee beans and other coffee products to wholesale clients, we’re also eager to welcome customers to our brick-and-mortar café in San Diego. Here our customers will have the chance to enjoy our range of coffees and ask questions about our various products.

If you’d like to speak to Intazza Coffee about our café and various coffee products, get in touch with our team today!

Visit Our Coffee Store in San Diego

There’s no better place to experience Intazza Coffee than in-store at our San Diego café. While we’re happy to supply wholesale coffee and to-go coffee to our customers, we’d love it if you stopped by for an immersive experience. We promise our San Diego coffee café is an excellent place to relax, socialize, or work.

While the focus of our café is undoubtedly our range of coffee items, we offer much more to our visitors. You can also purchase a range of fresh food options, as well as fruit juices and more. We’re the perfect place to stop by if you’re searching for a tasty lunch along with your coffee.

Whether it’s avocado toast for breakfast or one of our famous pizza flatbreads for lunch, we have you covered if you’re hungry. We’re always welcoming new San Diego customers with open arms!

Enjoy Our Intazza Coffee Nitro Cold Brew

While we’re famous for our traditional coffee options at Intazza Coffee in San Diego, we also have a range of nitro cold brew options available to our customers.

If you’re searching for a unique cold brew coffee that enjoys a frothy texture, then our nitro cold brew options are an excellent choice. These are particularly popular during the summer months when many of our San Diego customers prefer cold coffee options. Some of our nitro cold brew options also have infused flavors.

If you’re searching for traditional cold coffee options, we also have iced lattes and more. If you have any custom requests, don’t hesitate to ask our San Diego baristas – they’re always happy to help!

Support an Honest Trade Coffee Shop in San Diego

When sourcing coffee from areas across the globe, it’s essential to provide a fair price to coffee bean suppliers in remote countries. Many San Diego coffee shops and producers use predatory trade practices to access cheap coffee beans and increase their margins. At Intazza Coffee, we’re committed to fair pricing for all our coffee suppliers.

That’s why we’re committed to Honest Trade. This means that we pay premium prices to our coffee suppliers, which allows them to invest in their businesses and continue to grow coffee.

This effort is centered around promoting ethical coffee trading around the world – and we’re proud to be part of it.

Order Online at Intazza Coffee in San Diego

Unlike other San Diego coffee shops, we provide an online ordering portal that helps you speed up the process of picking up your coffee. If you don’t have time to sit in-store, our online ordering tool is a perfect solution.

Gone are the days of waiting for your favorite coffee to be prepared. By ordering online, you can ensure your coffee is waiting for your as soon as you step inside Intazza Coffee.

You can also order our various food menu items via our online ordering portal. Head to our online ordering center and set up an account to begin ordering our coffee and food online.

About Our San Diego Coffee Company

Intazza Coffee is a San Diego coffee roaster and café that provides premium coffees from some of the world’s most talented coffee growers. We’re experts in our trade – and we’re always sourcing coffee from the best suppliers across the globe.

At Intazza Coffee, we’re much more than your standard roasters. We want our customers to have a unique sensory experience that allows them to enjoy all components of our coffee. That’s why we highly recommend you visit one of our brick-and-mortar locations – we’re always ready to answer questions about our coffee and its sources.

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