Wholesale Coffee San Diego

Intazza Coffee is a premium San Diego coffee supplier and café that sources high-grade coffee beans from around the world. We have relationships with many of the globe’s most skilled coffee bean farmers.

In addition to providing our coffee products via our café locations, we also partner with local San Diego restaurants and business owners to provide wholesale coffee.

At Intazza Coffee, we’re always ready to take on new wholesale clients. We offer competitive prices to a broad range of businesses throughout our service areas. We’re happy to work closely with you to develop a wholesale supply relationship that benefits your business in San Diego.

Bring World-Class Coffee to Your San Diego Restaurant or Small Business

If you’re operating a restaurant or another small business in San Diego, there’s no need to worry about sourcing and tasting coffee from various locations around the world. At Intazza Coffee, we’re here to take care of the leg work for you. We’re committed to helping our clients pair their meals, pastries, and more with world-class coffee.

We’ve helped countless San Diego restaurants access wholesale coffee. With many varieties available to our clients, you’re sure to find the perfect coffee for your needs.

In addition to our coffee beans and supplies, we also provide coffee accessories to our clients. If you need Intazza Coffee cups to supply to people in your business when you serve coffee, we can satisfy bulk orders.

Honest Trade Coffee in San Diego

If you’re a restaurant or business owner that’s hoping to source coffee from an ethical supplier in San Diego, our team at Intazza Coffee is here to help. We’re a participant in Honest Trade, which ensures that coffee producers are provided with a premium price for their beans.

As the coffee industry expands around the globe, there are many US-based coffee suppliers that pay low rates to their coffee sources. This predatory practice is harmful to coffee producers in overseas countries.

Our commitment to fair pricing ensures that our suppliers can invest in creating excellent coffee for our clients. You can also rest assured that you’re serving your patrons coffee from an ethical source.

San Diego USDA Organic Coffee

It’s not just that we pay a premium price to our coffee partners – we also source USDA Organic products. If you’re a San Diego restaurant that’s committed to bringing fresh, healthy foods to your customers, choosing an organic coffee partner is essential.

We value the quality of our coffee. That’s why we’re committed to bringing organic coffee options to our in-store and wholesale clients. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our USDA Organic coffee.

Expert San Diego Coffee Roasters with Wholesale Capabilities

At Intazza Coffee, we pride ourselves on being expert coffee roasters. We’re able to get the most from our coffee beans – and we’re happy to share our talent with our wholesale clients in San Diego.

It’s hard to find a San Diego coffee wholesaler that can match custom demands. At Intazza Coffee, we’re happy to develop tailor-made coffee supply solutions for our clients. This means that we’re always willing to work closely with you to meet your demands.

Unlike other San Diego coffee shops, we can satisfy orders of any size or complexity.

A San Diego Coffee Company That’s Always Available

If you’re running a local restaurant or business, we understand that you have customers that need your attention every day of the week. If you urgently need coffee to meet immediate demand, we’re available to our San Diego wholesale clients seven days a week.

At Intazza Coffee, we’re focused on building long-term relationships with our clients. We’re heavily focused on providing a top-class customer service experience. Don’t hesitate to contact us any time you need help with a coffee-related issue!

Our Online Wholesale Portal for San Diego Clients

Once we form a relationship on a wholesale basis, you’ll be granted access to the Intazza Coffee online wholesale portal. This portal is designated specifically for wholesale clients that want to manage their coffee accounts.

Our wholesale portal makes it simple and stress-free to manage your coffee needs. Our website is a gateway to our products – and you can even apply to become a wholesale partner directly through your browser.

Contact Intazza Coffee Today for a San Diego Wholesale Coffee Quote

If you’re searching for a San Diego coffee café that also offers wholesale coffee beans and products, look no further than Intazza Coffee. Feel free to drop by our San Diego coffee shop if you’d like to try our coffee beans, nitro cold brews, or any other products. You can also request a quote on our website or call our office.

If you’d like to learn more about our coffee products and latest offers, feel free to sign up for our coffee newsletter!